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Spending your rest day at home doesn’t need to be boring. As a matter of fact, it can be the best experience for you and your family. Unlike typical residential properties, your home in Eastwood Lafayette offers something more substantial. This condominium development has various amenities to give you more reasons to spend your time here.

No matter how fun it can be, it isn’t practical to visit the beach every weekend. You’re going to exhaust a big chunk of your time, energy, and money in doing so. The best course of action is to live in a place where there’s a pool near you. You’re in luck because Eastwood Lafayette has this facility for your benefit. This condominium development provides you and your family with an exclusive of its swimming pool to help you relax better. You no longer need to dream about your ideal vacation because this amenity is prepared to give it to you anytime.

The Philippines is a basketball-crazy nation. Here in Eastwood Lafayette, it’s no different as well. You’ll find a basketball court within the premises of this condominium development. Rather than rent a facility, you can take your buddies here for an exciting game of ball. All you need is to clear your schedule and hoop all you want in this amenity.

Nothing beats the convenience Eastwood Lafayette is affording you. There are various retail stores found inside this condominium development. Instead of going out for your desired item or service, you just need to take an elevator ride to get your goals done.

Even though staying healthy is becoming more of a challenge these days, it’s still possible to have the ideal weight and body. Eastwood Lafayette has a fitness gym you can use during your free time. This amenity contains all sorts of exercise tools and equipment to help you stay in shape. Again, you’ll be saving more and time and money when you use this gym instead of finding an establishment for this need.

Unlike some parts of the metro, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your loved ones or your belongings. Eastwood Lafayette offers 24-hour security to all of its residents. A reliable security team is always on the lookout for any potential danger within the property. There are security features all around to improve your safety. You’ll also discover a dedicated parking space for your car in this condominium development. As a result, you get to sleep more soundly at night and or be at peace whenever you leave home.

Your concept of staying indoors is about to be upgraded. Eastwood Lafayette’s set of amenities are exception and can improve the way you live your life. With these advantages all around, you now have the chance to truly experience the lifestyle you want.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Small Pets Allowed
  • Gym
  • Retail Area
  • Swimming Pool
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